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Friday, October 06, 2006

Beginning The Painting

Like any other artistic profession we seem to suffer from a 'block' now and then so it took me a few days of looking at the canvas and thinking a lot before I picked up a brush and wet it with paint. That first day I then realized I needed bigger brushes and a lot more paint then I had on hand. Some of my paint dried up after being packed up due to Katrina.
So I went to the supply store and got what I thought I needed which is now running low. Generally I paint small, 9X12. I like the action of a brush in a small painting. Sometimes a dot of this or that color makes an object appear to the eye.
This large painting has me developing new techniques and I cannot rely on the old small brush to accent an object or create an object. I am still 'layering' on paint. I like to just put on layer after layer and build up the object. I let some of the older layers exposed in the new and keep building until I get the eye to make the object or structure I am painting. I hate to paint an object, I like the eye to create it from layers of color.
I am almost ready to add details into the work but want to stop a day or so to look and think. Let my eye rest and see what the layers are doing.


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